Unlocking the Secrets of the Upper Cistern: A Step-by-Step Guide to Gaining Access in Forgotten City

Unlocking the Secrets of the Upper Cistern: A Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Forgotten City's Hidden Depths

In the engrossing world of Forgotten City, players are often drawn to its hidden locations and tantalizing mysteries. One such secret is the Upper Cistern, a concealed area filled with valuable resources and intriguing challenges. This article provides a detailed guide on how to gain entry to the Upper Cistern, taking you through the steps and puzzles that protect this clandestine part of the Forgotten City.

Step 1: Uncover the Entrance to the Lower Cistern

Before you can enter the Upper Cistern, you must first find and navigate through the Lower Cistern. The entrance to the Lower Cistern is hidden within the City Sewers, which can be accessed by locating a concealed doorway in the city’s central plaza. Keep an eye out for a brick wall with loose stones, and interact with it to reveal the hidden entrance.

Step 2: Traverse the Lower Cistern

The Lower Cistern is a complex network of tunnels and chambers filled with both valuable treasures and dangerous creatures. You’ll need to use your skills in combat and stealth to make your way through this treacherous environment. Be prepared to solve various puzzles, which often involve manipulating water levels to gain access to new areas.

Step 3: Acquire the Cistern Key

Within the Lower Cistern, there is a guarded chamber containing the Cistern Key – a crucial item for unlocking the entrance to the Upper Cistern. To obtain the key, you’ll have to defeat the formidable Guardian of the Depths. This underwater beast is a powerful foe, requiring you to strategize and use the environment to your advantage in order to be victorious.

Step 4: Locate the Entrance to the Upper Cistern

With the Cistern Key in your possession, you can now unlock the passage to the Upper Cistern. The entrance is located in a partially flooded chamber in the Lower Cistern. Look for a large, ornate door adorned with intricate carvings – this is the gateway to the Upper Cistern. Use the Cistern Key to unlock the door, and proceed through the passage.

Step 5: Explore the Upper Cistern

The Upper Cistern is a hidden treasure trove filled with valuable resources, rare artifacts, and challenging puzzles. As you explore this enigmatic area, you’ll uncover new lore about the Forgotten City and its ancient inhabitants. Take your time to fully investigate the Upper Cistern, and be sure to gather any resources and solve puzzles you encounter to unlock the area’s full potential.


Accessing the Upper Cistern in Forgotten City is an exciting and rewarding challenge that offers players a deeper insight into the game’s mysterious world. By locating the entrance to the Lower Cistern, traversing its perilous depths, and acquiring the Cistern Key, you’ll unlock the passage to the elusive Upper Cistern. With its valuable resources and fascinating lore, the Upper Cistern is a must-visit destination for any intrepid adventurer exploring the Forgotten City.