Unleash the Power: Best Weapon Combos in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Unleash the Power: Best Weapon Combos in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings the epic trilogy to a new generation of players with enhanced graphics, gameplay improvements, and all DLCs. Throughout the journey, Shepard and the squad will face challenging battles against various enemies. The right weapon combinations can make all the difference in these encounters. This article explores the best weapon combos for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, taking into account different playstyles and classes.

  1. Soldier Class: The Assault Rifle and Shotgun Combo

a. Assault Rifles: High damage output, good for medium to long-range engagements

  • M-8 Avenger: Balanced stats and low recoil
  • M-15 Vindicator: High accuracy and burst fire mode

b. Shotguns: High damage at close range, excellent for close-quarters combat

  • M-23 Katana: Fast firing rate and decent damage
  • M-300 Claymore: Extremely high damage, but slow rate of fire

c. Strategy: Engage enemies at a distance with the assault rifle, then switch to the shotgun when they close in.

  1. Infiltrator Class: Sniper Rifle and Pistol Combo

a. Sniper Rifles: High damage and accuracy, ideal for long-range engagements

  • M-92 Mantis: High damage, slow rate of fire
  • M-98 Widow: Extremely powerful, but heavy and slow to fire

b. Pistols: Fast firing, good for close to medium range

  • M-3 Predator: Balanced stats, reliable choice
  • M-5 Phalanx: High damage, slow rate of fire

c. Strategy: Eliminate high-priority targets from a distance using the sniper rifle, then switch to the pistol for closer enemies or when ammo runs low.

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Finding the best weapon combo for your playstyle and class is essential to mastering Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Experiment with various weapon combinations to discover which ones work best for you, and don’t be afraid to try new strategies to defeat your enemies.