Unearthing the Golden Bow: A Comprehensive Guide to Conquering Forgotten City’s Legendary Weapon

How to Obtain the Elusive Golden Bow in Forgotten City

Forgotten City, a popular action-adventure game, has captivated gamers worldwide with its stunning graphics, intricate puzzles, and immersive storyline. Among the many hidden treasures in the game, the Golden Bow stands out as a powerful and much-coveted weapon. This article will walk you through the steps needed to secure the Golden Bow, guiding you through the challenges and mysteries that lie within the Forgotten City.

Step 1: Locate the Ancient Temple

To embark on your quest for the Golden Bow, first navigate to the Ancient Temple. This ancient structure is hidden deep within the heart of the Forgotten City, surrounded by lush forests and guarded by fearsome creatures. You’ll need to fight or avoid the enemies in your path and solve a series of puzzles to gain entry to the temple.

Step 2: Solve the Temple’s Puzzles

Inside the Ancient Temple, you will encounter a myriad of puzzles designed to test your intellect and dexterity. These puzzles are a mix of physical and mental challenges, and you’ll need to use the environment to your advantage to progress. While each puzzle will vary, a common theme is the use of light reflection and manipulation to unlock doors and reveal hidden pathways.

Step 3: Battle the Guardian

Upon solving the temple’s puzzles, you’ll come face to face with the Guardian – a formidable foe responsible for protecting the Golden Bow. This fierce battle will test your combat skills, and you’ll need to use a combination of dodging, blocking, and attacking to defeat the Guardian. Be prepared to use your full arsenal of weapons, as well as environmental elements, to emerge victorious.

Step 4: Claim the Golden Bow

With the Guardian defeated, you’ll finally have access to the Golden Bow. Approach the pedestal where the bow rests and interact with it to add the prized weapon to your inventory. The Golden Bow is not only a powerful weapon, capable of dealing significant damage and firing multiple arrows at once, but it also comes with additional perks such as increased range and accuracy.

Step 5: Unlock the Bow’s Full Potential

While the Golden Bow is an impressive weapon in its own right, it can become even more powerful through upgrades. Throughout the Forgotten City, you’ll find materials and resources that can be used to enhance your bow, increasing its damage and unlocking new abilities. Keep an eye out for these valuable items and invest in your bow to make it a truly unstoppable force.


The Golden Bow is an incredible addition to your arsenal in the Forgotten City, offering immense power and versatility. By locating the Ancient Temple, solving its puzzles, and defeating the Guardian, you’ll earn the right to wield this legendary weapon. As you continue your adventures in the Forgotten City, remember to upgrade the bow to unleash its full potential and conquer the challenges that await you.