Unearthed Arsenal: Obscure Weapon Locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Unearthed Arsenal: Obscure Weapon Locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild boasts an impressive array of weapons, ranging from simple wooden sticks to mighty magical blades. While some weapons are relatively easy to find, others are hidden away in obscure locations, waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers. In this article, we’ll delve into some of these lesser-known weapon locations, providing a comprehensive list and description of each weapon, along with guidance on how to obtain them.

Obscure Weapon Locations in Breath of the Wild

  1. Royal Guard’s Claymore

Location: Hyrule Castle’s Lockup

Description: The Royal Guard’s Claymore is a powerful two-handed sword with a high damage output. This weapon once belonged to the elite guards of Hyrule Castle and is adorned with intricate gold details.

How to Obtain: To find this weapon, navigate to the Lockup within Hyrule Castle. Defeat the Moblin guarding the cell containing the sword, and then claim the Royal Guard’s Claymore as your reward.

  1. Great Frostblade

Location: Gerudo Highlands, hidden cave

Description: The Great Frostblade is a large, magical sword that can deal ice damage to enemies, freezing them in their tracks. This powerful weapon is infused with the elemental power of ice.

How to Obtain: In the Gerudo Highlands, locate a hidden cave behind a bombable wall near the Kema Kosassa Shrine. Inside the cave, you’ll find a treasure chest containing the Great Frostblade.

  1. Dragonbone Moblin Club

Location: Eldin Canyon, enemy camp

Description: The Dragonbone Moblin Club is a hefty weapon crafted from the bones of a dragon, boasting high durability and impressive damage. It is a favorite among Moblins for its brute force.

How to Obtain: Explore an enemy camp in the Eldin Canyon region, near the Gorko Lake. Defeat the Moblins in the camp and claim the Dragonbone Moblin Club from one of the fallen enemies.

  1. Ceremonial Trident

Location: Zora’s Domain, underwater

Description: The Ceremonial Trident is an elegant spear that once belonged to the Zora royal family. Though it lacks the power of the Lightscale Trident, it is still a formidable weapon in its own right.

How to Obtain: In Zora’s Domain, search the waters beneath the bridge near the statue of Mipha. Dive down and retrieve the Ceremonial Trident from the bottom of the river.

  1. Ancient Short Sword

Location: Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, purchasable

Description: The Ancient Short Sword is a powerful one-handed weapon crafted from ancient Sheikah technology. Its high damage output and durability make it a valuable addition to any arsenal.

How to Obtain: After completing the “Robbie’s Research” side quest, visit the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Exchange Ancient materials and Rupees with the researcher, Cherry, to obtain the Ancient Short Sword.

  1. Great Thunderblade

Location: Thundra Plateau, on a pedestal

Description: The Great Thunderblade is a massive, magical sword capable of dealing electrical damage to enemies, causing them to drop their weapons. It harnesses the elemental power of lightning.

How to Obtain: Travel to the Thundra Plateau, where you’ll find a pedestal holding the Great Thunderblade. Complete the “Trial of Thunder” Shrine Quest by striking four orbs with corresponding elements to unlock the pedestal and claim the Great Thunderblade.

  1. Mighty Lynel Crusher

Location: Tabantha Tundra, Lynel encounter

Description: The Mighty Lynel Crusher is a powerful two-handed weapon wielded by the fearsome Lynels. Its raw power and high durability make it a formidable weapon for those skilled enough to obtain it.

How to Obtain: Venture to the Tabantha Tundra and locate a Lynel patrolling the area. Defeat the Lynel to potentially obtain the Mighty Lynel Crusher as a reward.

  1. Forest Dweller’s Sword

Location: Hyrule Forest, Test of Wood

Description: The Forest Dweller’s Sword is a lightweight, wooden sword favored by the Koroks of the Great Hyrule Forest. While it may not have the highest damage output, its unique design and durability make it a worthwhile find.

How to Obtain: Complete the “Test of Wood” Shrine Quest in the Korok Forest. Successfully finish the trial to receive the Forest Dweller’s Sword as a reward.

  1. Stone Smasher

Location: Goron City, cave

Description: The Stone Smasher is a heavy, two-handed weapon favored by the Gorons for its ability to crush large rocks with ease. Its high durability and respectable damage output make it a valuable tool for mining and combat.

How to Obtain: In Goron City, search for a cave near the entrance to the Abandoned North Mine. Inside the cave, you’ll find a Stone Smasher resting against a wall.

  1. Radiant Shield

Location: Gerudo Desert, Yiga Clan Hideout

Description: The Radiant Shield is a dazzling shield adorned with intricate patterns and radiant jewels. Its unique design allows it to deflect Guardian beams, making it a valuable asset in combat.

How to Obtain: Infiltrate the Yiga Clan Hideout located in the Gerudo Desert. Carefully navigate through the hideout, and you’ll eventually find a chest containing the Radiant Shield.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers players a vast array of hidden weapons to discover and collect, each with its unique attributes and design. By venturing off the beaten path and exploring the far reaches of Hyrule, players can uncover these obscure weapon locations and arm themselves with a diverse arsenal to aid in their quest to save the kingdom.