Togo vs. Doshun: Weighing the Consequences in Ghost of Tsushima’s Heart-Wrenching Decision

Togo vs. Doshun: Weighing the Consequences in Ghost of Tsushima's Heart-Wrenching Decision

In Ghost of Tsushima, players take on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior who faces countless challenges and decisions throughout his journey to save the island of Tsushima from Mongol invaders. One of the most poignant choices in the game revolves around deciding the fate of two characters, Togo and Doshun. In this in-depth article, we will explore the implications of choosing between these two characters and how your decision may impact the narrative and gameplay experience.

Context: The Togo and Doshun Dilemma

The decision to save either Togo or Doshun arises during the side quest “The Sister Betrayed,” which takes place in Act 2. In this quest, you learn that Togo and Doshun, two estranged siblings, have been targeted by the Mongols. Faced with the impossible choice of rescuing one or the other, Jin Sakai must decide whose life to save.

Togo: The Elder Sister and Herbalist

Togo is the elder sister of the pair and an accomplished herbalist. Rescuing her entails infiltrating a Mongol camp, eliminating the enemies, and ultimately escorting her to safety. Saving Togo has the following consequences:

  • Unlocks the “Healer’s Touch” Charm: Once Togo is safely back in her home, she will provide Jin with a charm called “Healer’s Touch.” This charm increases the effectiveness of healing items, which can be beneficial during combat situations.
  • Impact on Doshun: If you choose to save Togo, Doshun will perish at the hands of the Mongols. Upon learning of his fate, Togo expresses her grief and regret for not reconciling with her brother sooner.

Doshun: The Younger Brother and Monk

Doshun is a monk and Togo’s younger brother. To save Doshun, Jin must infiltrate another Mongol camp, defeat the enemies, and ensure Doshun’s safety. Choosing to rescue Doshun has the following consequences:

  • Unlocks the “Guiding Wind: Shinto Shrines” Technique: If Doshun survives, he will teach Jin a technique called “Guiding Wind: Shinto Shrines.” This ability allows the Guiding Wind to lead Jin directly to Shinto Shrines, making it easier to find and complete these locations for additional rewards and upgrades.
  • Impact on Togo: By saving Doshun, Togo will be killed by the Mongols. Doshun will mourn his sister’s death and express regret for their unresolved differences.

Making the Decision: Gameplay and Narrative Impact

The decision to save either Togo or Doshun ultimately comes down to personal preference and the perceived value of each character’s reward. From a gameplay perspective, the “Healer’s Touch” Charm can be beneficial in improving your healing capabilities, while the “Guiding Wind: Shinto Shrines” Technique may be more appealing if you’re focused on exploring the game world and discovering hidden locations.

In terms of narrative impact, the choice between Togo and Doshun is a poignant reminder of the harsh realities of war and the consequences of unresolved conflicts. While the decision does not significantly alter the game’s main storyline, it does provide a unique opportunity to reflect on Jin’s role as a leader and the difficult choices he must make throughout his journey.