Timey-Wimey Meets Battle Royale: Doctor Who May Materialize in Fortnite

Timey-Wimey Meets Battle Royale: Doctor Who May Materialize in Fortnite

The popular British television series Doctor Who is rumored to make a landing in Fortnite later this year. Noted Fortnite leaker and dataminer iFireMonkey has confirmed rumors of a potential collaboration between the two franchises, which is expected to coincide with the show’s 60th anniversary.

iFireMonkey, a prominent Fortnite leaker and dataminer, has reported that a two-week Doctor Who event is in the works for Fortnite. This special event is expected to offer players a variety of free rewards upon completing challenges, along with exclusive cosmetics available for purchase in the item shop. According to iFireMonkey’s speculation, the collaboration will feature two skins, a Glider, and an Emote. Furthermore, players can look forward to receiving a complimentary Beep the Meep Spray as an incentive for venturing into the Creative map tied to this collaboration.

iFireMonkey is a well-known figure within the Fortnite community, recognized for their accuracy in revealing upcoming updates, events, and other in-game content before official announcements. They have gained credibility and a substantial following on platforms such as Twitter, where they share information obtained through datamining and leaks.

Although the final design for the Beep the Meep Spray has not been revealed, an image shared by iFireMonkey showcased the character from Doctor Who, giving fans an idea of what the spray might look like. The collaboration is also rumored to involve The Doctor’s long-time government allies, U.N.I.T., adding another layer of excitement for fans of the series.

This potential collaboration could align with the show’s 60th anniversary, which takes place towards the end of the year. Given the longstanding popularity of Doctor Who, the event is expected to attract fans from across the globe.

In other Fortnite news, a player has recently started recreating the map from Dark and Darker in Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode. This comes after the original game was removed from Steam following an investigation by gaming company Nexon, which claimed that its game P3 was used as a prototype for Dark and Darker.

As fans eagerly await further information on the Doctor Who-Fortnite collaboration, it’s clear that the partnership has the potential to make a significant impact on both franchises. With new skins, emotes, and other in-game features, players can look forward to immersing themselves in the world of The Doctor and battling it out on the Fortnite island.