The Ultimate Showdown: Do Power Bombs Hurt Ravenbeak in Metroid Dread?

The Ultimate Showdown: Do Power Bombs Hurt Ravenbeak in Metroid Dread?

As players progress through Metroid Dread, they’ll encounter numerous challenges, including challenging enemies and powerful bosses. One question that may arise during the game is whether or not power bombs can hurt the Ravenbeak, the game’s main antagonist. In this article, we’ll explore this question, examining the Ravenbeak’s abilities and weaknesses to determine whether power bombs are an effective weapon against him.

Do Power Bombs Hurt Ravenbeak?

The Ravenbeak is a formidable enemy, possessing incredible strength, speed, and intelligence. His suit of armor provides him with significant protection against attacks, making him a difficult enemy to defeat. However, it is still possible to damage him using the right weapons and tactics.

Power bombs are one of the most powerful weapons in Samus Aran’s arsenal, capable of dealing massive damage to enemies in a large area. However, the Ravenbeak is resistant to most types of damage, and it is unclear whether power bombs can hurt him.

The good news for players is that power bombs can indeed damage the Ravenbeak. However, it takes a significant number of power bombs to inflict any meaningful damage, and players will need to be strategic in their use. Additionally, the Ravenbeak can move quickly and dodge attacks, making it challenging to land a direct hit.

Another important thing to consider when using power bombs against the Ravenbeak is timing. The Ravenbeak is vulnerable to attack during specific phases of the fight, and players will need to use their power bombs strategically to take advantage of these openings. It’s also worth noting that power bombs have a limited supply, and players will need to use them wisely to conserve ammo.


Power bombs can damage the Ravenbeak in Metroid Dread, but they’re not the most effective weapon against him. Players will need to use a combination of weapons and tactics, as well as timing and strategy, to defeat this formidable enemy. While power bombs can be useful in certain situations, players should not rely solely on them to defeat the Ravenbeak. Instead, they should use a variety of weapons and abilities, along with a strategic approach, to emerge victorious in this ultimate showdown.