The Dangerous Idea of a “Woke” Mario Movie

The Dangerous Idea of a "Woke" Mario Movie

The term “woke” has evolved over time, from its origins in African-American vernacular, meaning to be aware of injustices, to pandering to social causes. Nowadays, the term is used to describe anything people don’t like, making it a meaningless buzzword. When the trailer for the Mario movie dropped, it was quickly dismissed as too “woke” because of Peach’s biker overalls and standing up for herself, while Mario seemed like a comedic goofball. However, it is just a decent family movie that doesn’t pander to anyone, address any injustice, or have any discernable politics.

Steven Crowder, a loudmouth influencer, congratulated the “anti-woke Mario movie” for its success, claiming that Mario gets the girl, just like old-fashioned movie heroes used to. However, Mario is also a goofball, and Peach is a fearless leader, wearing a dress most of the time. The film’s success shows that it doesn’t need to pander to anyone, and it can be enjoyed by regular gamers who just want to have a good time with their favourite koopa-stomping plumber.

In conclusion, the term “woke” has lost its meaning, as it is being used to describe anything that someone doesn’t like, even if it’s just a decent family movie. It is a dangerous idea to label something as “woke” without understanding its meaning, as it can lead to false accusations and create unnecessary controversies. It’s important to remember that Mario is just a game, and the movie is just a decent family movie that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their political views.