The Bizarre Odyssey of Alice: Asylum – Discover What Went Wrong!

Alice's Absurdity: The Vanished Vision of Asylum

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round for the tragicomic tale of Alice: Asylum, the long-awaited, never-realized third installment of the Alice series that has been teasing fans for a decade. Developer American McGee, a man whose determination and imagination knows no bounds, announced that the rollercoaster ride of hopes, dreams, and rabbit holes has finally reached its end.

You see, McGee had crafted an Alice: Asylum design bible – a colossal tome filled with concept art, core game design concepts, and narrative goals so ambitious, it would make the Queen of Hearts blush. He approached Electronic Arts (EA), the gatekeepers of Alice’s IP, with a simple request: fund the project or license the IP. But alas, EA’s response was colder than a White Queen’s glare, citing “internal analysis of the IP, market conditions, and details of the production proposal” as reasons for not funding the project, while they clung to the IP like the Mad Hatter to his tea.

Undeterred, McGee had bravely ventured down the Patreon rabbit hole, rallying loyal supporters to help create a production and design plan for Alice: Asylum. But in the end, even the Cheshire Cat’s grin couldn’t save this project. With EA’s decision, McGee admitted that the team had “exhausted” every option, and the dream of a third Alice game was as elusive as the Jabberwocky itself.

So, with a heavy heart, McGee bid farewell to Alice: Asylum’s Patreon page and the Alice series altogether. “I have no other ideas or energy left to apply toward getting a new Alice game made,” he confessed, leaving us all to wonder what could have been.

As we close the book on this whimsical adventure, let us raise a toast to the brave souls who dared to dream of the impossible. For in the words of McGee, “We knew going into this adventure that failure was a possibility. But we wanted to believe impossible things–and we had fun doing that up to the moment when reality forced itself into our Wonderland.”