Tears of the Kingdom Trailer: Zelda Sent to the Past?

Tears of the Kingdom Trailer: Zelda Sent to the Past?

The Legend of Zelda fans are buzzing with theories after the latest trailer for Tears of the Kingdom was released. The top theory is that Princess Zelda has been sent into the past. The trailer reveals that Zelda and Link are separated at the beginning of the game, and although Zelda could be presumed to be in Hyrule, fans believe she is in the past, dressed in traditional clothing, and holding an undamaged Master Sword.

Fans have been examining the trailer for evidence of Zelda’s time travel. One Redditor points out that Zelda can be seen with a golden glow and is holding something in her first. Another theory suggests that Zelda is sending messages to Link through the undamaged Master Sword.

Zelda is using the Master Sword to send messages to Link from the past
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Some fans have noticed that the symbol for Link’s new ability, Recall, is etched onto the Tear that Zelda can be seen holding in the trailer. This has led to speculation that Link accidentally sent Zelda back in time when he tried to recall her, or that the Zonai intentionally brought her to the past to manipulate her into aiding them in their plan to defeat Ganondorf.

Overall, fans are excited about the possibilities of the Tears of the Kingdom storyline, and many are eagerly anticipating the game’s release. Whether the theories about Zelda’s time travel are correct or not, it’s clear that The Legend of Zelda fans have a keen eye for detail and love to speculate about the franchise’s mysteries.