Strategic Weapon Choices After a Parry in Everhood: An In-Depth Guide to Effective Combat

Strategic Weapon Choices After a Parry in Everhood: An In-Depth Guide to Effective Combat

Everhood is a mesmerizing indie game that combines rhythm-based combat, RPG elements, and a captivating narrative to create a unique gaming experience. Mastering the art of combat is crucial for success in Everhood, and understanding which weapon to use after a parry is an essential part of developing a strong combat strategy. In this in-depth article, we will explore the most effective weapon choices after a parry in Everhood and provide tips on how to maximize your combat potential.

Understanding Parry Mechanics in Everhood

In Everhood, parrying is an essential combat mechanic that allows players to deflect incoming projectiles and create openings for counterattacks. To perform a parry, players must time their weapon swings to coincide with the arrival of an enemy projectile. Successfully parrying an attack creates a window of opportunity for a counterattack, during which players can deal significant damage to their opponents.

Choosing the Right Weapon After a Parry

After successfully parrying an attack in Everhood, the choice of weapon for your counterattack can significantly impact the outcome of the battle. While the game offers a variety of weapons with unique abilities, some weapons are more effective than others when used after a parry. Here are the top weapon choices for maximizing your combat potential after a parry:

  1. The Arm of Justice: As discussed in a previous article, the Arm of Justice is a powerful weapon that can reflect red attacks back at your opponents. After a successful parry, using the Arm of Justice can deal substantial damage to your enemies and give you an advantage in combat.
  2. The Frost Sword: The Frost Sword is another excellent weapon choice after a parry. This weapon slows down enemy projectiles, making it easier for you to dodge and deflect incoming attacks. When used after a parry, the Frost Sword can create additional openings for counterattacks and help you maintain control of the battlefield.
  3. The Lightning Sword: The Lightning Sword is a versatile weapon that can deal rapid damage to your opponents. After a successful parry, using the Lightning Sword can quickly capitalize on the opening created and inflict significant damage to your enemies before they can recover.

Tips for Maximizing Combat Potential After a Parry

In addition to choosing the right weapon, there are several strategies to help you maximize your combat potential after a parry in Everhood:

  1. Timing and Rhythm: As with all aspects of combat in Everhood, timing and rhythm are crucial for success. Practice your parry timing and weapon swings to ensure you can consistently capitalize on openings created by successful parries.
  2. Adapt to Enemy Attack Patterns: Each enemy in Everhood has unique attack patterns and abilities. Learn to anticipate and adapt to these patterns to improve your parry success rate and maximize the effectiveness of your counterattacks.
  3. Manage Stamina and Energy: Stamina and energy management are essential components of effective combat in Everhood. Ensure you have enough stamina and energy to execute your counterattacks after a parry, and don’t overextend yourself in the heat of battle.


Mastering the art of combat in Everhood, including choosing the right weapon after a parry, is essential for success in this captivating indie game. By following this in-depth guide and employing the strategies outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable force in the enchanting world of Everhood. Remember, practice makes perfect, and adapting your strategy to each enemy and situation will be