Resident Evil 4 Remake Met With Negative Reviews Over ‘Wokeness’

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Resident Evil 4 Remake, which was released recently, has faced backlash from some gamers who have given the game negative reviews on the popular review aggregation site, Metacritic. Several players have criticized the game for being too “woke,” with complaints ranging from the supposed political correctness of the plot and character models to a lack of sexualization of female characters. These criticisms have led to an overall user score as low as 4/10 on some platforms, as players have disregarded the entire game over these changes. While some negative reviews do raise valid complaints about the game’s performance, particularly on the PS5, and the absence of certain modes, the overwhelming negativity towards the game on Metacritic seems to stem from these perceived social and political changes. This has once again brought to the forefront the ongoing debate about representation and social justice in video games.