Resident Evil 4 Dataminers Find More Evidence Of Separate Ways In Latest Update

Dataminers have discovered new evidence indicating that the Separate Ways DLC is coming to the Resident Evil 4 remake soon. According to Resident Evil source ResiEvilCentral, a datamine of the latest update has revealed the RE4 home screen with the Separate Ways mode option located between Campaign and The Mercenaries. Although the mode is not yet playable, its inclusion in the home screen suggests that its arrival is imminent.

Separate Ways is a game mode that allows players to experience the story of Resident Evil 4 from Ada Wong’s perspective. Although it is a short mode, it provides valuable information about Ada and the Resident Evil universe. Dataminers had previously found files related to the mode in the source code of the game in March.

In addition to the game mode’s possible arrival, players can now experience the original Resident Evil 4 gameplay style through a mod called Resident Evil 4 Classic Gameplay. This mod reintroduces the original game’s mechanic of staggering enemies via a single shot to the head, torso, and leg. Another mod called the Moushley meme mod is also available, which shrinks Ashley’s character and places her on top of Leon’s head, similar to the Ratatouille movie.

Resident Evil fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the Separate Ways mode and are excited about the possibility of experiencing the Resident Evil 4 universe in new and innovative ways.