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Play One Card Game Online For Free

Try Your Luck – Play One Card Game Online for Free!


Playing One Card Game is easy. Choose the number of players and match cards by color or number to get rid of them. Action cards drive the game. If you drop a +2 or +4, if the next player doesn’t have another one to lay, then draw two cards and lose a turn. The turn skip card stops the player. The reversal card switches the direction of the turn to the opposite player. The joker can be placed on any card at any time and allows you to change the color of the card. Don’t forget to press ONE when you only have one card left or else you will receive a penalty for two cards!

What are the special features of One Card Game?

  • Addictive card game.
  • Bright and colorful graphics.
  • Detailed game rules.
  • Convenient controls.