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Play Age of War 3 Online For Free

Wage Epic Battles Through the Ages in Age of War 3

What is Age of War 3?

The latest version of Age of War is now available on Friv, so we invite you to try it. You’ll need to use your strategy skills in this new version, which features an entirely new set of missions. One thing you should know is that giant cockroaches, spiders and venomous snakes are everywhere now–so watch out!

How can you win this war?

Select your base by clicking on it, then press the tier 1 button. At the beginning of the game, your water reserves are $90 and you can build nine Gatherers which can attack ground only. One Gatherer needs 3 seconds to be created and 30 points from your health. Once you have a building, units will come out of it over time. Note that your gatherers have 3 water spots they can go to. Water sports that are further away will get you more income. Now that you have an income, it would be a good idea to build something to defend yourself. Let’s create a turret by selecting your base with your mouse

The game features a variety of different units to recruit, from simple foot soldiers to powerful tanks and aircraft. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll need to learn to use them effectively to succeed. You’ll also need to manage your resources carefully, balancing the need to build up your army with the need to upgrade your defenses.

One of the best things about Age of War 3 is the sheer variety of different eras and units you’ll encounter. From ancient civilizations to modern warfare, the game takes you on a journey through time and challenges you to adapt your strategy to the changing conditions.

But while the game is full of excitement and action, it also requires careful planning and strategy. You’ll need to think strategically about where to place your units and how to use them effectively. And with a range of different game modes to choose from, including a campaign mode and a survival mode, there’s always a new challenge to conquer.

Overall, Age of War 3 is a thrilling online strategy game that’s perfect for players who love epic battles and historical settings. So why not take command of your army and lead them through history? Play Age of War 3 online for free now and experience the excitement for yourself!