Navigating Romance in Mass Effect: Can You Romance Both Girls?

Navigating Romance in Mass Effect: Can You Romance Both Girls?

The Mass Effect series, including the remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition, allows players to step into the shoes of Commander Shepard and navigate a complex web of relationships, including romantic entanglements with various characters. With a diverse cast of squad members, players can choose to pursue different romantic interests throughout the trilogy. In this in-depth article, we will examine the possibility of romancing both girls (female characters) in the Mass Effect series and discuss the consequences and limitations of pursuing multiple romantic interests.

Romancing Multiple Characters in Mass Effect

Throughout the Mass Effect trilogy, players have the option to engage in romantic relationships with a variety of characters. However, the possibility of romancing multiple characters simultaneously depends on the game installment and the choices made by the player. Here’s a breakdown of how romancing multiple characters works in each game:

  1. Mass Effect: In the first game of the series, players can flirt with multiple characters during the initial stages of the game. However, as the game progresses and relationships develop, players will eventually need to choose one romantic interest to pursue exclusively. Romancing both girls (or any combination of characters) simultaneously is not possible in the first installment.
  2. Mass Effect 2: In the second game, players have the option to pursue new romantic interests or continue their relationship from the first game. While players can flirt with multiple characters, they must ultimately choose one to commit to as the game progresses. Attempting to pursue multiple romantic interests can lead to confrontation or jealousy, with potential negative consequences for the player’s relationships.
  3. Mass Effect 3: In the final installment of the trilogy, players can continue their romantic relationships from previous games or start new ones. Like its predecessors, Mass Effect 3 allows players to flirt with multiple characters but requires them to commit to one romantic interest to see the relationship through to the end. Juggling multiple romances may result in confrontations or damaged relationships.

Consequences of Pursuing Multiple Romances

While it is possible to flirt with multiple characters throughout the Mass Effect series, attempting to pursue more than one romantic interest can have consequences. These consequences may include:

  1. Confrontation: Romancing multiple characters can lead to confrontations between romantic interests, forcing the player to choose between them. These confrontations can be emotionally charged and may result in the player losing the opportunity to pursue a romance with one or both characters.
  2. Jealousy: Characters may become jealous if the player pursues multiple romantic interests, potentially damaging the player’s relationship with one or both characters.
  3. Missed Opportunities: Pursuing multiple romances can prevent the player from experiencing the full depth of a character’s romance storyline, as the game may lock the player out of certain scenes or conversations if they are attempting to romance more than one character.


While the Mass Effect series offers a variety of romance options for players to explore, attempting to romance both girls (or any combination of characters) simultaneously is not possible. Players are required to commit to one romantic interest in each game, and juggling multiple romances can lead to confrontation, jealousy, and missed opportunities. By focusing on a single romantic interest, players can experience the full emotional depth of their chosen character’s storyline and create a more satisfying narrative experience in this epic sci-fi RPG.