Mythic Shop Rotation: League of Legends

Mythic Shop Rotation: How to Unlock

In Season 12 of League of Legends, Riot Games has revamped the Mythic content system, replacing Gemstones and Prestige Points with Mythic Essence. This new currency allows players to purchase Prestige Edition skins, Hextech skins, and other accessories from the rotating Mythic Shop. In this in-depth article, we’ll discuss the changes, how to acquire Mythic Essence, and what to expect from the Mythic Shop.

What is the Mythic Shop

The Mythic Shop is accessible from the ‘Loot’ tab in the game client, where players can spend their Mythic Essence on various skins and accessories. The shop rotates monthly, offering different content each time. The rotation includes:

  • Two Prestige skins
  • Two older Hextech skins
  • One new Mythic skin (rotates every three months)

Pricing and Unvaulting

Skin prices vary depending on their unvaulting frequency. Prestige skins cost:

  • 125 Mythic Essence for the first unvault
  • 150 Mythic Essence for the second unvault
  • 200 Mythic Essence for the third and consecutive unvaults

Hextech skins cost:

  • 100 Mythic Essence for the first unvault
  • 125 Mythic Essence for consecutive unvaults

Acquiring Mythic Essence

Mythic Essence can be earned through various in-game activities, similar to Gemstones and Prestige Points. Save up this currency to purchase rare skins and accessories from the Mythic Shop.

Current Mythic Shop Rotation (April 2023)

The current rotation features three Prestige skins, two Hextech skins, one Ashen Knight skin, and various accessories. Here are the details:

Skin Name Price Prestige Fuzz Fizz 200 Mythic Essence Prestige Ascended Pantheon 125 Mythic Essence Prestige Broken Covenant Miss Fortune 125 Mythic Essence Lancer Zero Hecarim 100 Mythic Essence Hextech Tristana 100 Mythic Essence Ashen Guardian Shen + Icon & Border 100 Mythic Essence

Accessories Item Price Ashen Knight Ward 50 Mythic Essence Emberwoken Chroma (Ashen Guardian Shen) + Icon 40 Mythic Essence Nothing to Fear Emote (Ashen Guardian Shen Emote) 25 Mythic Essence Random Skin Shard 10 Mythic Essence 150 Blue Essence 1 Mythic Essence 50 Orange Essence

Upcoming Mythic Shop Rotation

The next Mythic Shop rotation is scheduled for patch 13.8 on April 19, 2023. The leaked rotation includes two new Prestige skins:

Skin Name Price True Damage Senna 125 Mythic Essence Nightbringer Kayn 125 Mythic Essence

Season 12’s Mythic Shop introduces a fresh approach to obtaining exclusive skins and accessories in League of Legends. With monthly rotations and the new Mythic Essence currency, players have more opportunities to acquire rare content and enhance their gaming experience. Keep an eye on the Mythic Shop and start saving up Mythic Essence to unlock your favorite skins and accessories.