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My Singing Monsters: How To Breed Hoola? (Explained)

How to Unlock Hoola in My Singing Monsters

Looking to breed a Hoola in My Singing Monsters? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about unlocking this rare Seasonal Monster. Hoolas can only be obtained during the annual SummerSong event, but don’t worry if you miss it – you can still breed one using the PomPom and Pango combination on either Air Island or Earth Island. Keep in mind that this combination only works during the SummerSong season, which typically occurs once a year.

If your breeding attempt is unsuccessful, don’t give up – there are several other breeding combinations that may result in a Hoola, including Hoola + Gobbleygourd, Hoola + Clavavera, Hoola + Viveine, and many more.

Once you’ve successfully bred a Hoola, be sure to level it up to 15 so you can teleport it to the Seasonal Shanty – a special island where all the Seasonal Monsters can be placed. Hoola produces more coins per minute when its favorite items are nearby, which include Tweedle, SummerSong Path, Tree Hut, Tree Forte Tower, and Castanevine. Placing these items will increase Hoola’s happiness level by 25% and result in more coin production.

So what are you waiting for? Follow our guide to breed your very own Hoola in My Singing Monsters and add it to your collection of rare and unique monsters!