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Minecraft Legends: How To Get Gold?

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to obtaining Gold in Minecraft Legends. Gold is a highly prized resource in this game, as it is used as a currency to build Improvement Hubs and other structures across the Overworld. Unlike the original Minecraft, you cannot mine or gather Gold from Allay mobs. However, there are several ways to obtain it.

One way to get Gold is by destroying Piglin bases, outposts, and mobs. Each time you destroy a Piglin Base, you will be rewarded with Gold and Prismarine. You can also obtain these resources by killing Piglins and destroying Gold mines near Piglin outposts. However, this method is not as reliable since Piglins do not always drop Gold.

The best way to farm and obtain Gold in Minecraft Legends is by destroying Piglin Bases. Each Piglin Base has three outposts, ranging from easy to hard. The more challenging the base, the more Gold it will yield. Once you destroy the base and Nether Portal, gather the Gold from the Mining Machines before they disappear. You can also obtain Gold by destroying the Mining Machines, which will always drop ten Gold.

In addition, you can also obtain Gold from Piglin Chests, although this is not a guaranteed drop as you may receive other resources such as Prismarine. In PvP mode, Gold cannot be used as a resource or currency to upgrade. Instead, you must collect Prismarine to upgrade Improvement Hubs and other towers. There is no Gold available in PvP mode, so you cannot obtain it from Piglin Chests or any other sources.

That’s everything you need to know about obtaining Gold in Minecraft Legends.