“Mastering Doom Eternal Marauder fight strategies”

Get Ready to Take on the Marauder in Doom Eternal

The Marauder is one of the most challenging enemies you’ll face in Doom Eternal. This powerful demon is equipped with a shield and a deadly axe that can take you down in just a few hits. But don’t let that intimidate you! With the right strategies, you can take down the Marauder and come out victorious. In this article, we’ll walk you through some Mastering Doom Eternal Marauder fight strategies that will help you defeat this formidable foe.

Start Your Fight with the Right Weapon Choice

Before you face the Marauder, make sure you have the right weapons equipped. The Super Shotgun and the Ballista are both effective against the Marauder, so make sure you have those in your arsenal. The Rocket Launcher and the Heavy Cannon can also be useful, but their slower firing rate makes them less effective. Make sure you switch between your weapons quickly to keep up with the Marauder’s movements.

Learn the Marauder’s Attack Patterns

The Marauder has several attack patterns you need to be aware of. He’ll often charge at you with his axe, which can deal massive damage. He’ll also throw his axe at you, which can be deadly if you’re not quick enough to dodge it. Keep an eye on his shield, too – he’ll use it to block your attacks and counterattack. By learning the Marauder’s attack patterns, you can prepare yourself for his next move and react accordingly.

Keep Your Distance and Move Smartly

The Marauder is a close-range enemy, so keeping your distance is key to your survival. Move around the battlefield to avoid his attacks and keep him at arm’s length. Be careful not to get trapped in a corner or surrounded by other enemies – that’s a recipe for disaster. If you need to replenish your health or ammo, use the environment to your advantage and take cover behind pillars and walls.

Use Your Equipment to Your Advantage

You have a variety of equipment at your disposal in Doom Eternal, and you should use it to your advantage when fighting the Marauder. The Chainsaw can be used to quickly replenish your ammo, while the Flame Belch can stun the Marauder and deal extra damage. And don’t forget about your grenades – they can be a lifesaver when you need to deal some damage quickly.

Stay Focused and Take Your Time to Win

Defeating the Marauder requires skill, patience, and focus. Don’t rush into battle – take your time and be strategic with your attacks. Keep moving to avoid his attacks, and don’t hesitate to retreat and regroup if you need to. And most importantly, stay focused – one mistake can be costly when fighting the Marauder. With the right mindset and some practice, you’ll be able to master this challenging fight and emerge victorious.


Mastering the Marauder fight in Doom Eternal takes time and practice, but with the right strategies, you can come out on top. By choosing the right weapons, learning the Marauder’s attack patterns, keeping your distance, using your equipment, and staying focused, you’ll be able to defeat this formidable foe. So get out there, slay some demons, and take down the Marauder like a pro!