Keanu’s Bullet Ballet Blows Away Box Office Blues in South Korea!

John Wick 4 Saves the Day: Keanu's Bullet Ballet Blows Away Box Office Blues in South Korea!

Oh, joyous day! Hold onto your seats, folks, because the cinematic masterpiece that is “John Wick: Chapter 4” has shot its way to the top of the South Korean box office this weekend, leaving a trail of fallen competitors in its wake.

The fourth installment of the illustrious John Wick franchise racked up a whopping $4.05 million between Friday and Sunday, according to Kobis, the Korean Film Council’s tracking service. With a nearly 50% market share, this American action title is single-handedly keeping the Korean box office alive, because who needs diversity and width when you’ve got Keanu Reeves on a revenge spree?

But let’s not forget about the other contenders, shall we? After five glorious weeks at the top, the Japanese animation film “Suzume” was gracefully dethroned, slipping into second place with a respectable $1.92 million. Fear not, fans of “Suzume,” as it has already earned a cool $36.9 million since its release on March 8, making it the top film released in 2023 in Korea. Take that, “Avatar: The Way of Water”!

In third place, we have “Rebound,” a Korean sports drama film that scored a modest $921,000 in its second week. Meanwhile, “Killing Romance,” the heartwarming tale of a woman trying to escape her marriage by checks notes murdering her husband, debuted in fourth place with $475,000.

Rounding out the top five is the long-running Japanese animation film “The First Slam Dunk,” which has managed to net $35.8 million during its impressive 15-week run. The newcomers “Lonely Castle in the Mirror,” “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” and “Air” all made valiant efforts, but alas, they could not keep up with the unstoppable force that is John Wick.

And who could forget the reissue of “The Greatest Showman,” which managed to scrape together a respectable $42,800. Bravo!

As we bask in the glory of John Wick’s latest triumph, it’s important to note that the nationwide box office weekend aggregate increased by 25% to reach $8.42 million. However, it seems the Korean theatrical business is still gasping for breath, as there hasn’t been a $10 million weekend since January. But hey, at least we have John Wick, right?

With a performance that would’ve been considered mediocre in the pre-COVID years, “John Wick 4” has already become the eighth biggest film of 2023 after just five days in Korean theaters. So let’s raise a toast to John Wick and his inexhaustible supply of bullets, because who needs a thriving and diverse film industry when you’ve got a one-man army taking care of business?