How to navigate through the wreckage of the Infinity in the “Warship Gbraakon” mission?

How to navigate through the wreckage of the Infinity in the "Warship Gbraakon" mission?

Navigating the Chaos: A Comprehensive Guide to the Infinity Wreckage in Halo Infinite’s “Warship Gbraakon” Mission

In Halo Infinite’s opening mission, “Warship Gbraakon,” players are tasked with traversing the wreckage of the UNSC Infinity, a once-mighty warship now overtaken by the Banished. Navigating the ship’s twisting corridors, debris-filled rooms, and treacherous environments is crucial for successful completion of the mission. This in-depth article will provide a comprehensive guide to navigating the wreckage of the Infinity, helping you overcome obstacles and progress through the “Warship Gbraakon” mission effectively.

Assessing Your Environment

The Infinity’s wreckage presents a multitude of hazards and navigation challenges. To safely and efficiently navigate the ship, pay close attention to your surroundings and use the following strategies:

  1. Monitor Your HUD: Your Heads-Up Display (HUD) provides valuable information, such as your objective marker, which indicates the direction you need to go. Keep an eye on your HUD to stay oriented and on track.
  2. Look for Environmental Cues: The game designers have placed subtle cues to guide players through the wreckage. Be on the lookout for signs, markings, and lighting that indicate the path forward.
  3. Use Your Flashlight: The wreckage can be dark and disorienting. Activate your flashlight by pressing the designated button on your controller or keyboard to illuminate your surroundings and reveal hidden paths.

Overcoming Obstacles

Throughout the “Warship Gbraakon” mission, you’ll encounter various obstacles blocking your path. Use the following tactics to overcome these barriers:

  1. Explosive Barrels: Some debris can be cleared by shooting explosive barrels nearby. Stand back to avoid taking damage and shoot the barrels to create a path through the wreckage.
  2. Grappling Hook: Master Chief’s new grappling hook can be used to traverse gaps, climb vertical surfaces, or swing around obstacles. Use your grappling hook to navigate the wreckage and reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
  3. Interactable Objects: Some obstacles can be cleared by interacting with objects in the environment. Look for control panels, switches, or levers that can be used to open doors, move debris, or activate machinery.
  4. Use of Vehicles: In certain sections of the mission, you may gain access to vehicles. Utilize these vehicles to traverse challenging terrain, break through barriers, and quickly cover large distances

Navigating Combat Encounters

While navigating the wreckage of the Infinity, you’ll frequently encounter Banished forces. Use these tactics to safely progress through combat encounters:

  1. Plan Your Approach: Before engaging enemies, assess the situation and plan your attack. Identify cover, high ground, and flanking routes to give yourself an advantage in combat.
  2. Conserve Ammunition: As you navigate the wreckage, be mindful of your ammo reserves. Scavenge weapons and ammunition from fallen enemies and weapon caches to ensure you’re well-armed for each encounter.
  3. Utilize Equipment: Make effective use of your equipment, such as the grappling hook and drop wall, to gain a tactical advantage during combat. Use these tools to outmaneuver your opponents and avoid damage.
  4. Retreat and Regroup: If a combat encounter proves too challenging, don’t hesitate to fall back and regroup. Use the wreckage to your advantage, creating distance between you and your enemies to recover shields and plan a new approach.


Navigating the wreckage of the Infinity in the “Warship Gbraakon” mission is a challenging but rewarding experience. By carefully assessing your environment, overcoming obstacles, and tactically engaging Banished forces, you can successfully progress through the mission and emerge victorious. As you delve deeper into the world of Halo Infinite