How to make the most of the tutorial elements in the “Warship Gbraakon” mission

Mastering the Basics: Maximizing the Tutorial Elements in Halo Infinite's "Warship Gbraakon" Mission

Mastering the Basics: Maximizing the Tutorial Elements in Halo Infinite’s “Warship Gbraakon” Mission

As the opening mission of Halo Infinite, “Warship Gbraakon” serves as an introduction to the game’s controls, mechanics, and core gameplay elements. The mission is designed to teach both new and returning players the skills they’ll need to succeed in the game. In this in-depth article, we’ll explore how to make the most of the tutorial elements in the “Warship Gbraakon” mission, ensuring that you’re fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in Halo Infinite.

Pay Attention to Prompts and Tooltips

Throughout the “Warship Gbraakon” mission, you’ll encounter various prompts and tooltips that provide essential information on game mechanics and controls. Make sure to read these carefully and follow the instructions provided. Don’t hesitate to pause the game and refer to the control settings if you need a refresher on the button layout or key bindings.

Practice Movement and Mobility

Halo Infinite introduces several new movement mechanics, including the grappling hook and sprinting. Use the “Warship Gbraakon” mission to familiarize yourself with these mechanics, experimenting with different movement techniques and combinations. Practice climbing, swinging, and traversing the environment to gain a better understanding of your character’s mobility.

Master Your Weapons

The tutorial mission provides access to a variety of weapons, offering an excellent opportunity to practice your aim and familiarize yourself with each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with different firearms, learning the effective range, rate of fire, and accuracy of each weapon. Practice swapping weapons quickly and efficiently to adapt to different combat situations.

Get Comfortable with Equipment

In addition to weapons, the “Warship Gbraakon” mission introduces players to various pieces of equipment that can enhance your combat effectiveness. Experiment with the grappling hook, drop wall, and other equipment to learn their optimal uses in battle. Use this opportunity to develop strategies that incorporate equipment use, setting the foundation for more advanced tactics later in the game.

Engage in Combat Encounters

The “Warship Gbraakon” mission features numerous combat encounters with Banished forces, providing an ideal training ground for practicing your combat skills. Focus on honing your aim, utilizing cover, and managing your shields during these encounters. Experiment with different combat strategies, such as flanking or ambushing enemies, to find the tactics that work best for you.

Explore and Learn the Environment

The tutorial mission takes place within the wreckage of the UNSC Infinity, a complex environment filled with hidden paths, secret rooms, and useful resources. Take the time to explore the ship’s interior, learning to navigate its corridors and search for valuable items like weapon caches and collectibles. This exploration will help you develop your navigation skills and teach you to be more observant in future missions.

Adjust Game Settings

As you progress through the “Warship Gbraakon” mission, you may find that certain game settings, such as sensitivity or controller layout, need adjustment. Use the tutorial mission as an opportunity to fine-tune these settings, ensuring that you’re comfortable with the game’s controls and mechanics before moving on to more challenging missions.


The “Warship Gbraakon” mission in Halo Infinite serves as a crucial introduction to the game’s core mechanics and gameplay elements. By making the most of the tutorial elements provided in this mission, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead in the world of Halo Infinite. Pay attention to prompts, practice your skills, and explore the environment to fully prepare yourself for the epic battles and adventures that await you.