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How to Level Up and Become a Legendary Viking Warrior in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Tips and Strategies for Success

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest entry in the long-running action-adventure franchise, and it is set in the Viking Age. In this game, players take on the role of Eivor, a Viking warrior who must lead their clan to prosperity in the face of mounting opposition from rival factions. As with most RPGs, leveling up is a crucial aspect of the game, and it can make a significant difference in your ability to tackle the game’s challenges. In this article, we will discuss how to level up in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, offering detailed tips and strategies for earning XP and growing your character.

Complete Main Quests

The main questline is the backbone of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s narrative. Completing the main quests not only advances the story, but it also provides a significant amount of experience points (XP). You’ll also unlock new areas and side quests as you progress through the main storyline, providing even more opportunities for XP and character growth.

The main questline is divided into several chapters, each of which takes you to a different region of the game’s world. As you complete each chapter, you’ll earn XP and unlock new abilities and gear. It’s essential to focus on completing the main quests as they become available, as this will ensure that you’re earning a steady stream of XP and advancing the story.

Focus on Exploration

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s world is vast and varied, and there are plenty of hidden treasures, artifacts, and collectibles to discover. Exploring the game’s world is an excellent way to earn XP, as many of these hidden items offer experience points when discovered. Additionally, exploring new areas will often lead to new side quests and other opportunities for XP.

Exploration is a crucial aspect of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s gameplay. As you explore the game’s world, you’ll encounter various points of interest, including synchronization points, viewpoints, and fast travel points. Synchronization points are tall structures that offer a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Synchronizing with these points unlocks new areas of the map and provides XP. Viewpoints are similar to synchronization points, but they don’t unlock new areas of the map. Fast travel points allow you to quickly travel to different locations on the map, saving time and providing more opportunities for XP.

Take on Side Quests

Side quests are optional but provide valuable rewards such as weapons, gear, and XP. Many side quests also offer unique storylines and insights into the game’s world and characters, making them well worth the time investment. Completing side quests will also help you level up faster and make the game’s challenges more manageable.

Side quests are marked on the map with exclamation points, and they can be started by talking to NPCs. Some side quests are only available once you’ve reached a certain level, so it’s essential to keep an eye out for new side quests as you level up. It’s also worth noting that side quests are often more challenging than main quests, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re adequately prepared before taking on a new side quest.

Participate in Conquest Battles

Conquest Battles are massive battles between two armies that take place in specific locations on the map. These battles offer a significant amount of XP when won, as well as valuable rewards such as gear and weapons. Participating in Conquest Battles requires players to choose a side, either defending or invading, and then complete a series of objectives to win the battle.

Conquest Battles are unlocked as you progress through the game’s main storyline. Once unlocked, you can participate

in Conquest Battles by talking to NPCs at the location of the battle. It’s essential to choose the side that aligns with your character’s values and playstyle, as this will make the battle more enjoyable and increase your chances of success.

Raid Enemy Settlements

Raiding enemy settlements is another way to earn XP in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Enemy settlements are marked on the map with red icons, and they can be raided by approaching the settlement and initiating the raid. Raiding enemy settlements requires players to defeat enemy soldiers and destroy specific objectives within the settlement.

Raiding enemy settlements is a challenging but rewarding experience, as it offers a significant amount of XP and valuable rewards such as gear and resources. It’s important to be prepared for a raid by bringing along a full crew and upgrading your weapons and abilities beforehand.

Upgrade Your Skills and Abilities

Upgrading your skills and abilities is essential for leveling up in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. As you earn XP, you’ll unlock skill points that can be spent on various skill trees. There are three skill trees in the game: Raven, Bear, and Wolf. Each skill tree focuses on a different aspect of gameplay, such as stealth, combat, or exploration.

It’s important to choose the skill tree that best aligns with your playstyle and invest in the skills that offer the most significant XP gains. Additionally, it’s important to upgrade your abilities, as they can significantly enhance your combat and exploration abilities.

Equip the Best Gear

Equipping the best gear is crucial for leveling up in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Gear includes weapons, armor, and accessories, and each piece offers unique stats and abilities. It’s important to choose the gear that best suits your playstyle and invest in upgrading it to make it more powerful.

There are several ways to acquire new gear in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including completing quests, raiding enemy settlements, and purchasing gear from merchants. It’s important to regularly check your gear and upgrade it as necessary to ensure that you’re using the best equipment possible.

Upgrade Your Settlement

Upgrading your settlement is another way to earn XP in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Your settlement serves as your base of operations and can be upgraded by investing resources and completing missions. Upgrading your settlement unlocks new buildings and features, providing new opportunities for XP and character growth.

It’s important to prioritize upgrading your settlement’s essential buildings, such as the blacksmith and the barracks, as these will provide the most significant benefits. Additionally, it’s important to complete settlement missions as they become available, as these often offer valuable rewards such as resources and gear.

Use Your Rations and Abilities Strategically

Rations are consumable items that restore your health during combat. It’s important to use your rations strategically to ensure that you’re not wasting them during fights. Additionally, it’s important to use your abilities strategically, as each ability has a cooldown period and limited uses.

Fight and Defeat Bosses

Bosses are powerful enemies that offer a significant amount of XP when defeated. These enemies are often more challenging than regular enemies, but defeating them is well worth the effort. Additionally, defeating bosses offers unique rewards such as gear and weapons that can significantly enhance your combat abilities.

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Daily and weekly challenges offer unique XP rewards and can be completed by completing specific tasks within the game. It’s important to check the challenges menu regularly to ensure that you’re taking advantage of these opportunities for XP.

Increase the Difficulty Level

Increasing the difficulty level of the game can significantly increase the amount of XP earned from completing quests and defeating enemies. However, it’s important to ensure that you’re adequately prepared for the increased challenge before increasing the difficulty level.

Invest in Your Ship

Your ship is an essential aspect of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s naval combat system. Investing in your ship’s weapons and defenses can significantly enhance your ability to engage in naval battles and earn more XP.

Focus on Your Preferred Playstyle

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers a variety of playstyles, including stealth, ranged combat, and melee combat. Focusing on your preferred playstyle and investing in the skills and gear that support it can significantly enhance your ability to level up and succeed in the game’s challenges.

Complete the Game’s Achievements

These achievements offer a variety of challenges and tasks for players to complete, ranging from combat and exploration to customization and story completion. Earning all of the achievements requires a significant amount of time and effort, making it a challenging but rewarding aspect of the game.

  • Viking Legend – Obtain all the other achievements in the game.
  • It’s Alive! – Create a Jomsviking.
  • Home Sweet Home – Reach settlement level 6.
  • Skadi’s Hobby – Perform a 150m slide in the snow while wearing the Skadi’s Wrath armor set.
  • Overdesign II – While on fire during combat, kill 3 hard difficulty or higher enemies without breaking their shields.
  • The Enemy of My Enemy – Ally with a band of raiders.
  • Silent Viking – Assassinate 10 enemies in a row without being detected.
  • Disorder of the Ancients – Eliminate all targets of the Order of Ancients.
  • Ultimate Refinement – Fully upgrade and enhance a piece of gear.
  • Face My Might! – Equip 8 abilities.
  • Builder – Reach settlement level 3.
  • Rampage – Complete your first raid in England.
  • Skirmish – Capture a garrison.
  • Everyday Life – Complete 10 World Events.
  • Row Rage – Ram and destroy 5 boats in under 2 minutes with your longship.
  • Master Hunter – Defeat all Alpha animals.
  • Completionist All the Way – Complete all territories.
  • Is There Anybody Out There? – Light the unlit braziers on Hadrian’s Wall.
  • Equine Attack – Assassinate an enemy from your horse.
  • The Hidden Truth – Obtain all video fragments and watch the hidden truth video.
  • The Scepter – Complete the Lunden arc.
  • Disorder of the Ancients II – Eliminate all targets of the Order of Ancients in the Cities of the Great Norse World.
  • It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature! – Complete the Animus anomalies.
  • Skadi’s Hobby II – Slide 300 meters in the snow while wearing the Skadi’s Wrath armor set.
  • Caladfwlch – Draw Excalibur from the stone.
  • Take My Hand – Complete the Cent arc.
  • Silent Viking II – Assassinate 50 enemies in a row without being detected.
  • Full Mastery – Earn every single mastery point.
  • A Picture of Grace – Run through 30 breakable objects.
  • Hidden Trophies – There are several hidden trophies that are only revealed when achieved.

In conclusion, leveling up in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla requires a combination of completing main quests, exploring the game’s world, taking on side quests, participating in conquest battles and raids, upgrading your skills and abilities, equipping the best gear, upgrading your settlement, using your rations and abilities strategically, fighting and defeating bosses, completing daily and weekly challenges, increasing the difficulty level, investing in your ship, and focusing on your preferred playstyle. By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a legendary Viking warrior in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.