Getting Low: Can Samus Crawl in Metroid Dread?

Getting Low: Can Samus Crawl in Metroid Dread?

As players explore the vast world of Metroid Dread, they’ll encounter various obstacles and challenges, including tight spaces and low ceilings. One question that may arise during gameplay is whether Samus can crawl in these areas. In this article, we’ll explore this question, examining Samus’s abilities and mobility to determine if crawling is possible in Metroid Dread.

Samus’s Mobility in Metroid Dread

Samus is a highly mobile character, capable of performing various actions and maneuvers to navigate through the game’s world. Her abilities include running, jumping, and using various weapons and tools to overcome obstacles and enemies.

However, there are limits to Samus’s mobility, particularly in tight spaces or areas with low ceilings.

Can Samus Crawl in Metroid Dread?

Yes, Samus can crawl in Metroid Dread. This ability is essential for navigating through tight spaces and reaching previously inaccessible areas.

To crawl, players need to hold down the L button and press down on the control pad or joystick. Samus will then lower herself to the ground and crawl along the floor, allowing her to pass through narrow passages and reach hidden areas.

Crawling is also useful for avoiding enemy attacks and navigating through hazardous areas, such as those with spikes or other dangerous obstacles.


Samus’s mobility is essential to progress through Metroid Dread, and crawling is one of the abilities players can use to overcome obstacles and reach hidden areas. By holding down the L button and pressing down on the control pad or joystick, players can make Samus crawl along the ground, allowing her to navigate through tight spaces and avoid enemy attacks. While crawling may not be the most glamorous ability, it’s an essential tool for exploring the game’s world and finding all of its secrets.