Exploring the Lakeside Stable Korok Secrets in Breath of the Wild

Exploring the Lakeside Stable Korok Secrets in Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an open-world adventure game that captivates players with its vast landscape, engaging gameplay, and countless secrets waiting to be uncovered. Among the numerous hidden collectibles in the game, Korok seeds are scattered throughout the world of Hyrule, often tucked away in obscure places. In this article, we’ll focus on the Korok seeds found around Lakeside Stable, a location that serves as a waypoint and resting place for players on their journey through the game.

The Role of Stables in Breath of the Wild

Stables are a crucial part of the game’s exploration experience. They serve as waypoints and resting points for players, allowing them to register and board horses, cook meals, and gather information from NPCs. Stables often act as hubs for various side quests and provide opportunities for players to learn about the surrounding environment. Lakeside Stable, located in the Faron region, is no exception, offering players a respite from their journey and a chance to discover hidden Korok seeds.

Uncovering Lakeside Stable Korok Seeds

The area surrounding Lakeside Stable is home to several Korok seeds, with each one presenting a unique challenge or puzzle for players to solve. Some of these Korok seeds can be found by:

  1. Lifting rocks: Players can uncover Korok seeds by lifting small rocks or boulders in the vicinity of Lakeside Stable. Keep an eye out for conspicuous rocks near the stable, on top of hills, or along the shoreline.
  2. Shooting targets: Korok seeds may be hidden in the form of targets that players need to shoot with their bows. Look for targets hanging from trees or floating in the water around Lakeside Stable.
  3. Completing puzzles: Some Korok seeds around Lakeside Stable are tied to environmental puzzles. Players may need to move boulders, arrange objects in a specific pattern, or use their Sheikah Slate’s abilities to reveal these hidden collectibles.
  4. Observing unusual landmarks: Unusual structures or formations in the environment, such as statues or rock formations, can hint at the presence of a Korok seed. Players should investigate these peculiar landmarks to uncover hidden seeds.
  5. Climbing structures: Korok seeds may be hidden on top of tall structures or ruins near Lakeside Stable, requiring players to climb and explore the vertical space to locate them.

The Significance of Lakeside Stable Korok Seeds

While the Lakeside Stable Korok seeds are just a small fraction of the 900 seeds hidden throughout Hyrule, they play an essential role in introducing players to the idea of hidden collectibles in the game. Discovering Korok seeds around stables like Lakeside Stable helps players become more aware of their surroundings, encouraging them to explore and engage with the environment.

Furthermore, finding Korok seeds contributes to the player’s overall completion rate and offers a sense of accomplishment. By collecting these seeds, players can exchange them with Hestu to expand their inventory, allowing them to carry more weapons, shields, and bows.


The Korok seeds hidden around Lakeside Stable in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild provide players with an engaging challenge and encourage them to explore the game’s vast open world. By locating and collecting these charming collectibles, players can expand their inventory and deepen their connection with the world of Hyrule.