Democracy in the Ancient World: Electing Galerius in The Forgotten City

Democracy in the Ancient World: Electing Galerius in The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is a captivating narrative-driven adventure game set in an ancient Roman city trapped in a time loop. As players explore the city and its enigmatic Golden Rule, they encounter various characters and engage in complex decision-making processes that shape the game’s narrative. One of the key choices players face is the election of the city’s magistrate. In this article, we will discuss the steps necessary to elect Galerius as magistrate and outline the strategies and decisions that will lead to his successful appointment.

Step 1: Get to Know Galerius

Galerius is one of the first characters you meet in The Forgotten City. He is a kind-hearted and honest individual, eager to help you uncover the city’s secrets. As you progress through the game, engage in conversation with Galerius and learn more about his background, beliefs, and motivations. Building a rapport with him will be crucial in ensuring his success in the election.

Step 2: Gather Support from City Inhabitants

To elect Galerius, you must gather support from the city’s inhabitants. This involves engaging in conversations with other characters, completing side quests, and making decisions that align with Galerius’s values. As you interact with the city’s residents, be attentive to dialogue options that may lead to them supporting Galerius in the election. By building alliances and gaining favor with key characters, you can significantly increase Galerius’s chances of winning the election.

Step 3: Address the City’s Problems

Throughout the game, players encounter various problems and conflicts affecting the city’s inhabitants. To ensure Galerius’s success in the election, work to address these issues and demonstrate his leadership capabilities. This may involve solving disputes, helping characters in need, or uncovering the truth behind mysterious events. By actively working to improve the city’s situation, you will demonstrate Galerius’s commitment to the well-being of its residents and garner support for his election.

Step 4: Confront Malleolus and His Supporters

Malleolus, the current magistrate, is one of Galerius’s main competitors in the election. To secure Galerius’s victory, you must confront Malleolus and his supporters, potentially exposing any secrets or wrongdoings they may have committed. Gathering evidence and leveraging it against Malleolus can help sway public opinion in Galerius’s favor, increasing his chances of winning the election.

Step 5: Make Your Case for Galerius

As the election draws near, you will have the opportunity to make your case for Galerius as magistrate. This involves presenting a persuasive argument in favor of Galerius, highlighting his strengths, accomplishments, and commitment to the city’s welfare. Be prepared to address any concerns or objections raised by other characters and demonstrate why Galerius is the best choice for magistrate.


Electing Galerius as magistrate in The Forgotten City is a complex and engaging process that requires players to build relationships, gather support, and address the city’s problems. By following this guide, players can successfully navigate the intricate world of The Forgotten City and secure Galerius’s position as magistrate, shaping the game’s narrative and impacting the lives of the city’s inhabitants. The choice to elect Galerius demonstrates the power of decision-making in The Forgotten City and highlights the importance of player agency in crafting a unique and immersive narrative experience.