Conquer the Terrain: Mako Driving Tips for Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Conquer the Terrain: Mako Driving Tips for Mass Effect Legendary Edition

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, one of the most iconic and challenging aspects of gameplay is navigating the M-35 Mako, the Normandy’s all-terrain vehicle. While exploring uncharted planets, players must traverse diverse terrains, from steep mountains to rocky plains. In this article, we’ll share some essential Mako driving tips to help you tackle these landscapes with ease.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Mako Controls

a. Accelerate and decelerate: Use the right trigger (R2/RT) to accelerate and the left trigger (L2/LT) to decelerate or reverse. b. Steering: Use the left thumbstick to steer. c. Turret control: Move the right thumbstick to aim the turret, and use the right bumper (R1/RB) to fire the main cannon and left bumper (L1/LB) for machine gun fire.

  1. Master the Terrain

a. Approach hills at an angle: Instead of driving straight up steep inclines, approach them diagonally to maintain traction and prevent sliding. b. Use the jump jets: Press the jump button (A/X) to activate the Mako’s jump jets, which can help you traverse obstacles or escape enemy fire. c. Be cautious on rocky terrain: The Mako’s handling can be challenging on uneven surfaces. Slow down and navigate carefully to avoid getting stuck or flipping the vehicle.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Map

a. Plan your route: Use the map to identify the best path to your destination, avoiding impassable terrain or high concentrations of enemies. b. Discover hidden resources: Some planets contain valuable resources or points of interest that may not be immediately visible. Keep an eye on your map to uncover these hidden treasures.

  1. Utilize Mako’s Weapons

a. Engage enemies from a distance: The Mako’s cannon has a long range, allowing you to target enemies from a safe distance. Use this advantage to soften up enemy forces before closing in. b. Strive for accuracy: The Mako’s main cannon can deal massive damage, but it has a slow rate of fire. Aim carefully to make each shot count.


The M-35 Mako is an essential tool for exploring uncharted worlds in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. With these tips in hand, you’ll be better prepared to tackle the toughest terrains and become a true master of the Mako. Good luck, Commander!