Calamity Ganon Defeated with an Ocarina: The Power of Music and a Hilarious Challenge Run

Calamity Ganon Defeated with an Ocarina: The Power of Music and a Hilarious Challenge Run

Breath of the Wild streamer Mimi conquers Calamity Ganon using an ocarina, demonstrating that the power of music can indeed triumph over evil.

When you think you’ve seen it all, someone like Mimi comes along and proves you wrong. In a world where gamers are no stranger to challenge runs, Breath of the Wild streamer Mimi has taken it to a whole new level by completing the game using an ocarina as her controller. Yes, you read that right. An ocarina.

While other challenge runs might involve voice commands or limiting item usage, Mimi’s approach was to control Link through the power of music, assigning different actions to specific notes. Documenting her journey on Twitter, Mimi faced a steep learning curve, initially struggling with simple shrine puzzles that most players could complete with their eyes closed (assuming they had a regular controller, of course).

But like any true hero, Mimi persevered, honing her ocarina skills and taking down formidable foes like Guardians and Thunderblight Ganon. Eventually, she conquered Waterblight, Windblight, and Fireblight Ganon as well, even making time to defeat overworld bosses like Lynels and Hinoxes along the way. All of this culminated in a grand finale where Mimi faced off against Calamity Ganon, swiftly dispatching the villain and securing her place as the only known person to beat Breath of the Wild with an ocarina. Talk about a unique achievement!

Of course, like any challenge-loving gamer, Mimi is already pondering her next conquest, asking her followers which game and instrument-controller combo they’d like to see her tackle. If you’re curious to witness Mimi’s future escapades, head over to her Twitch channel, where you might soon find her playing Twilight Princess with a trombone. Now that’s a performance we’d pay to see!

Mimi’s epic ocarina-powered journey through Breath of the Wild has shown us that not only is the power of music a force to be reckoned with, but that even the most unlikely controller can lead to victory. We can’t wait to see which instrument she’ll use to conquer her next challenge!