Baobab Studios to Develop Momoguro Animated TV Series and Roblox Game

Baobab Studios to Develop Momoguro Animated TV Series and Roblox Game

The Emmy-winning animation studio is working on an animated series based on the popular NFT collection Momoguro, as well as a Roblox game set to launch this summer.

Baobab Studios, the Emmy-winning independent interactive animation studio, has announced that it is developing an animated television series based on the NFT collection Momoguro. The studio is collaborating with Momoguro directors Martin Allias and Nico Casavecchia on the project, although a distributor has not yet been confirmed.

Baobab Studios has recently revealed two upcoming projects with Disney+: an animated anthology series titled “The Witchverse,” based on the short VR film “Baba Yaga” written by Eric Darnell, and a feline workplace comedy series called “Intercats,” created by Darnell and Pamela Ribon. The studio’s partnership with Disney+ may offer potential avenues for the distribution of the Momoguro series.

In addition to the animated series, Baobab Studios is developing a Roblox video game based on the Momoguro IP, titled Momoguro: Momo Quest. The game is set to launch on the gaming platform this summer. The official description of Momoguro: Momo Quest states that it is an “adventure game where you save Momo Island from the Singulars trying to snatch away its power crystals.” Players will attach magical creatures called Momos to their avatars to gain super abilities, explore the island, complete challenges, and battle the evil Singulars in dance battles.

Baobab Studios, founded by Eric Darnell, Maureen Fan, and Larry Cutler, is a leader in the convergence of entertainment and gaming. The studio has been involved in various groundbreaking projects, including the animated 360-degree virtual reality movie “Invasion!” starring Ethan Hawke and the short film “Crow: The Legend,” featuring John Legend.

The development of both an animated TV series and a Roblox game based on the Momoguro IP showcases Baobab Studios’ commitment to creating immersive and engaging experiences across multiple platforms. Fans of the popular NFT collection can look forward to exploring the world of Momoguro through these new, interactive offerings.