Acquiring Branches in Loop Hero: A Comprehensive Guide for Efficient Resource Collection

Acquiring Branches in Loop Hero: A Comprehensive Guide for Efficient Resource Collection

Loop Hero, a captivating game developed by Four Quarters, has gained popularity due to its unique blend of roguelike, deckbuilding, and auto-battler gameplay elements. In the game, players must collect various resources to upgrade their camp, unlock new cards, and progress through the story. One such resource is the Branch, which is essential for crafting and upgrading equipment. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore how to obtain Branches in Loop Hero and the most effective strategies for maximizing your Branch acquisition.

Understanding Branches: Significance and Uses

Branches are a valuable resource in Loop Hero, primarily used for crafting equipment for your hero at the camp. They are the basic building blocks for creating weapons, shields, and armor, making them essential for enhancing your hero’s capabilities during expeditions. Additionally, Branches are required for several camp upgrades, such as the Gymnasium and the Intel Center.

How to Obtain Branches in Loop Hero

In Loop Hero, Branches can be acquired through a few key methods:

  1. Placing Forest and Thicket tiles: The primary way to obtain Branches is by placing Forest and Thicket tiles on the loop. Each tile placed will reward you with one Branch, making it essential to include these tiles in your card deck when aiming to collect Branches.
  2. Transforming other resources: Another method to acquire Branches is by transforming other resources, such as Stable Wood or Preserved Wood, at the Alchemist’s Tent in your camp. This building allows you to convert one type of resource into another, including Branches.
  3. Enemy drops: Certain enemies, such as the Wooden Warrior or the Prime Matter, have a chance of dropping Branches when defeated. This makes it beneficial to include tiles that spawn these enemies on your loop, such as the Grove or the Primeval Forest.

Strategies for Maximizing Branch Collection

To efficiently collect Branches in Loop Hero, consider the following tactics:

  1. Focus on Forest and Thicket tiles: Ensure that your card deck includes Forest and Thicket tiles, and prioritize placing these tiles on the loop to consistently gain Branches throughout your expedition.
  2. Optimize your loop: Design your loop to have a balance of biomes and enemy types, including those that have a chance of dropping Branches. Placing tiles such as the Grove or the Primeval Forest will spawn enemies that can provide additional Branches upon defeat.
  3. Upgrade your camp: Constructing and upgrading the Alchemist’s Tent in your camp will enable you to transform other resources into Branches when needed. Focus on upgrading this building to improve the efficiency of resource conversion.
  4. Experiment with different classes: Loop Hero offers three playable classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Necromancer. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and some may be better suited for collecting Branches than others. Experiment with different classes to find the one that best complements your Branch collection strategy.
  5. Manage your inventory: Since inventory space is limited, it’s essential to prioritize the resources you need the most. Focus on collecting and retaining Branches, and consider discarding or transforming other resources if necessary.


Branches are a crucial resource in Loop Hero, necessary for crafting equipment and upgrading your camp. Understanding how to obtain Branches and employing the strategies outlined above will help you maximize your collection and progress more efficiently through the game. By focusing on Forest and Thicket tiles, optimizing your loop, upgrading your camp, and experimenting with different classes, you can ensure a steady supply of Branches for your hero’s equipment and camp improvements. Happy looping, and may your expeditions be fruitful!